Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deo Gratias

Jesus, My Savior, My God, Our Sweet Christ in heaven, thank you for sending me wonderful benefactors.  Please watch over them and guide them in their life.  May their lives be blessed because you are truly living within them.  May they always know the Love You have for them.  Lord, I also pray for all of their intentions, great and small.  I beg you to hear them and answer them.  
Jesus, you are Holy and Mighty.  Your Wonder truly is on and all over this earth.  For without You, I would be nothing.  Allow me to see myself for who You have created me to be.  I want nothing but You.  Nothing but to do Your Will.  I am so unworthy of your Love.  And, yet You lavish your Love upon me.  I wonder if I will ever truly know the mystery of your Love. In Your Sweet Name, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Julie M.
Linda H.
Amanda K.
Jess B.
Elizabeth B.
Quennie S.
Kristen S.
Anne H.
Matt R.
Olivia T.
Jan K.
Karen L.
John F.
Jeannette C.
Veronica M.
Elizabeth S.
Don F.
Dorothy K.
Hilary S.
Sami & Joe C.
Libby & Shaun B.
Laura F.
Jessica H.
Yvonne & Maurice C.
Jessica P.
Lisa & Joe F.
Mary G.
MaryEllyn & Tim T.
Stephanie & Levi L.
Carmen G.
Yuri B.
Patricia V.
Nick & Sunny S.
Gerald McD.
Maria M. & family
Carol T.
Andrew & Kristina McG.
Elaine M.
Katie B.
Eileen B.
Johnny B.
Cristina C.
Bailey W.
Kristen F.
Rosanne H.
Brad & Jolene S.
Gus S.
Alex L.
Christopher O.
Amy & Jeff R.
Pat M.
Ann H.
Elizabeth R.
Meg C.
Elizabeth H.
Sarah M.
Caitlin T.
Pat and Jack D.
Gloria & Samuel H.
Tina J.
Terry K.
Jenny & Matt M.
all friends, family, and prayer warriors.

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Kat said...


I have been praying for you to return since you left. I had followed you since before you entered the first time, we were FB friends for a while after you were "out". I had my own visit to Summit but that wasn't where my vocation was, turns out my vocation was to married life.

I have been praying that you find your way back to Summit for a long while now. I haven't been keeping up with blogs in general like I used to, and just stumbled back on a link here, I am so happy that you found your way back.


Kat Sarfati (nee Mills)