Monday, September 12, 2011

vacay in Spanish is cow...I had a very good cow

When I went to the grocery store on Fri, Sept 9, it was hard for me to fathom I'd been on vacation for almost 3 weeks.

And, I also realized how much I miss my sisters.

Being inside the monastery confirmed in me the desire to be with My Beloved forever.

I travelled up to the Baltimore area to visit with friends on Friday, Aug 26.
And, I also needed to think about going to Summit on Saturday afternoon because Irene was arriving in Jersey on Sunday.

I decided cutting my visit short with Sami was better than driving in hurricane conditions.

The drive from Baltimore to Jersey can be summed up in one word - RAIN.  Every day, actually, this trip, that I was driving in the van, it was raining or overcast.  But, oh well, that's life.

When I first arrived in Summit, the sisters were still on retreat.  And, so I was able to have the gift of hearing Fr. Walter.  Loved It!

Coming home again was pretty much surreal the entire time.  Sitting inside the choir on the floor (my usual place for praying the Rosary for Rosary Guard) gave me goosebumps all week long.  My Beloved Sweet Christ had never stopped calling.  I just finally stopped being busy to listen.

My only desire is to be with Him.  In my prayer, I asked two questions:  What do You want from me? and Where do I fit in?

Out came the answers:  "I want you forever here with Me." and "You will see."

On a particular day, I had the shock of my life.  On the kitchen counter was flour tortillas.  I asked one of the sisters, and they said they're purchased when they're on sale. :)  I wondered "Do we use them? Will we use them?"

That evening I was given the priviledge to help in the kitchen.  And, for the 1st time in the monastery, for me anyway, we made Mexican for supper.  SJM2 made chicken quesadillas and I made beef enchiladas!!!!!!!!  What? What?

I love Mexican.  Its kind of a love affair.  Its perfect for where I live and work b/c I get to sample various dishes all the time.

Back to reality.

When I was in Summit the 1st time around (2007-2008), I would literally dream about burritos and black beans and rice.  A burrito was the 1st thing I ate when I left, coincedentally.

So, for us to eat Mexican just made my heart soar.  B/c honestly, I've been trying to prepare myself for no more Mexican food.

Jesus knows what I like to eat.  He made me. Thank You prayers rose that evening and following.

Hopefully, I will be a cook one evening, and then chimichangas and tamales will be made.  God willing.

But, my retreat, my vacation, my visit was not all about food.  It truly was one confirmation after another of where I'm to be for the rest of my life.

I am almost halfway there in paying off my personal debt.  My doctor's appointments are almost complete, and therefore my Mater Ecclesiae grant application can be mailed off.  And, I'll almost be there.

I beg you to share my story with others.  Please pray with me and for me.  Be assured of my prayers.

The novitiate sisters would love to know what new name I've chosen.  But, I will not tell.  What name do you think I might choose?  I am actually torn between four.  And, so I take it to prayer.

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Anonymous said...

Sister Mary Augustine would be my choice.