Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hair disaster

So, a little story or view into my life:

My teens were asked to bring at least 500 baby items to our Oh Baby Life Night to benefit Cobb Pregnancy Center in Kennesaw.  And, if they brought more than 500, I said I would dye part of my hair green.

Well, they brought 1668 baby items! Yay!

And, last Thursday, LF and I dip-dyed part of my hair green.  We bleached it first and then applied the green color.  However, the color was semi-permanent and washed out in 3 days.  boo!

So, I decided to bleach my hair again to a lighter blonde to maybe get the color to stick longer.

Last night, LF and I proceeded with the process.  With a new bleach kit - Radical Bleach Kit.

20 minutes into the process:
I'm sitting on the couch with my hair in ziplock bags.  And, something, that didn't happen last time is happening.  I'm hearing a snap, crackle, pop and my hair is getting warmer.  To an expert, that would've been signal to wash out the bleach.  But, it hadn't been at least 30 minutes, so we left it in.

An off-hand comment was made, "What if your hair breaks off?"
I was like "Whatever.  If it does, it'll just grow back. And, anyway, in a few months, my hair will be under a veil."

We wash out the bleach, and shampoo it.  And, LF says it looks funny in the middle of my hair.  I'm like let's blow-dry this so we can put the colorant in.  And, she's like why don't you just let it sit for a while and finger comb it.

I'm sitting on the couch again and finger combing.  And, it's falling out.  I go to the bathroom and this is what happens.

After the video, we get the kids to pull on the rest of my hair, and this is what I'm left with:

I love my teens, I love my teens, I love my teens...

Its just hair.  It will grow back.  And, the nasty, coarse hair will eventually be cut off.

But, the best part, what a GREAT Story!

** Note: it's just a small section of my hair.  I can tuck it behind my ears, and you can hardly see it.  Oh, and I did save the hair that fell out for a special project. hehehe

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