Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PRAY for Tim

Tonight I went to visit Tim again in the hospital.  in ICU.  I read on his CaringBridge that he was intubated.  But, it really did not prepare me for what I saw.

He is in need of our prayers and our sacrifices.  This is totally out of our control.  We need a miracle.

His colitis and liver issues are completely separate to each other.  Without him having colitis, he would have never known he had a blood clot on his liver!

But, because of his colitis, his liver issues are hard to resolve.  They have tried to put him on blood thinners (to remove clots to his liver and other organs) but the colitis is making him bleed.  See, we need a miracle.

I want you to PRAY.  And, pray constantly - offering up little sacrifices for him throughout the day.  And, PRAY for a miracle through JPII's intercession, asking our Blessed Mother for help, sending your guardian angel to help, etc.  Just PRAY.

May God's Most Holy Will be done.

And, if you feel comfortable, get other people to pray for him and/or with you.

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