Wednesday, October 12, 2011

single most important relationship

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jesus is AMAZING in His love for us!

My teens in the ministry God has blessed me with inspire me to do more in my faith life.

When they get so excited about sharing why they chose their Confirmation saint or just want to tell other teens about Jesus, it gets me teary-eyed.  I ponder on what the early Christians went through, and that gets me excited.

Last night during Confirmation class, we continued our discussion about Acts of the Apostles.  Everyweek I take about 10 minutes and bring to life the early Church.  For me, its a refresher course, and for most of my teens, its the first time they're really able to live it.

Last night we talked about Peter and John going to the temple to pray and to spread and defend the faith.
Last night was the first time I saw a spark ignite in more than one the teens' eyes.  Last night, I hope, they were feeling what I feel when I read Acts of the Apostles - strength and courage!

Jesus is my best friend, and getting to know Him is the single most important relationship in my life.

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