Friday, October 21, 2011

We need to Rise Up!

When I was on CORE at St Catherine's, we brought a bunch of teens to Steubenville Summer Conference in Atlanta.  I confess that I've been to every Steubenville Atlanta Conference unless I was in college or in a monastery.

But, anyway, we were at the conference, and a deacon we know had brought two teen guys with him.  The deacon had to assist in the conference and wasn't able to chaperone the guys he brought.  So, we brought them into our little 'flock'.

These two guys, who we'll call Adam and Bryan (not their real names), were dealing with some heavy burdens in their lives, issues they seriously thought God couldn't handle.  These burdens - sufferings - were weighing them down.  I prayed and asked God all day Saturday to give me their suffering so they could freely and completely worship and praise Him that night in Adoration.

God answered my prayer, and I was given their suffering.

Since that time, I have asked numerous times for other people's suffering so they can heal faster.  And, God has granted my request.

I've been privileged to hear my teens say that they too have asked and received.

And, now, tonight, together with LF, we were talking about asking for suffering.  

The day I found out about Tim, I should say the hour, I prayed and asked God to give me a little of Tim's suffering and pain, so that he can be healed faster.

And, what if, we all asked for a little bit of Tim's pain, would that provide the miracle he needs?  
Think about it, and pray about it.  I pray you do.

This road to recovery might be a long one, but it's a road to recovery!  And, we might have to carry his burden for a long while.  But, I am sure, we can all think about how Jesus has carried us through tough times and storms.

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