Sunday, December 18, 2011

O Antiphons and Santas

When will I learn to stay away from people dressed up as Santa???

Tonight was our annual Life Teen Christmas party.  This year I put the mini's in charge of planning.  They turned it into a real Life Night, not just a dance.

I was a little concerned that they got rid of all the table and chairs.  But, it worked.  
In the past 3 years, we've had about 70% of the teens just sit at the tables and not really participate.  But, this year, they all pretty much participated except maybe a handful.

The teens planned a Battle of the Santas with a cookie eating contest, obstacle course and wrapping presents relay.
Then, our annual Snowball Fight inside.

Followed by Christmas Stations - Pictures with Santa (See photo above), Making Ornaments, Face Painting, and Dancing.

To close up the night, they brought the Santas back out and were about to award a Santa 'winner' when Jesus appeared and told them about the true meaning of Christmas, and we had birthday cake(s). 

O Antiphons and the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit uniting me with the Trinity are what I'm excited about.
That, and sewing numbers on my clothing and handkerchiefs and socks. 

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