Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thrones and Adoration

In Confirmation class every year, we take two field trips to the church.  The 1st class is on the Liturgy of the Word and the 2nd, yes, Liturgy of the Eucharist.

In the weeks between the two classes, my curiosity is piqued.  And, I become even more observant of my teens, and the way that they pray.

And, sometimes, well, regularly.  Okay, sometimes, during communion, during my thanksgiving time, I'll pray for those around me, or those in the congregation.  And, today was one of those days.

It all started with the Eucharistic Prayer.  I was listening to the beautiful words, and they simply are so poetic, the way it flows.  In a similar way, when supper was ended, he took the chalice...

And, I began to meditate...And then the Great Amen.  And, that's when things really began to happen.

I noticed in a more specific way about how teens (and other adults) were lifting their hands in adoration of the Eucharist.  
Why would they only raise their hands in adoration during this one particular place in Mass?  Why not surrender themselves throughout the Mass?  Why only then?  

And, then I started pondering about what the teens deemed the most important 'part' of Mass?  And, that made think about receiving the Eucharist.

On Saturday, myself and four of the teens were trained to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  And the Eucharist kept being referred to as the bread and wine.  Oh, that was really getting my goat!  And, of course I said something, how could I not?

So, back to tonight's Mass.

Before I received Jesus, I was watching how people received Him.  And, I've seen this a thousand times; and I've spoken about it at least as many.  

I kept praying for Truth and Light and for conversion of heart.

People in the congregation, my teens included, were receiving Jesus as if He were a cracker or a sample you get at Costco.  And, He was not received on a throne, but 'just' in their hand.
And, it wasn't just that.  Because receiving on a throne can be taught.  It was after.  Picking Him up like picking up a potato chip.  Looking around at others or what was happening around them instead of focusing on Him.  I cried because I love Him so much, and I know I do the same thing.

Going through motions.  Walking into the sanctuary as if I own the place.  All eyes on me.  Thinking about the Life Night, and what still needs to be done rather than focusing all of my being on Him and participating fully at Mass.  Thinking more about remembering to say "And with your spirit" instead of praying "And with your spirit".

I made a resolution then and there to not just point out at Liturgy part two that if we receive in our hands, we need to make a throne, but also speak about when we place Him in our mouth, how we need to adore Him from our hands into our very beings. And, to continue to pray for the conversion of each of our hearts.

My life is completely in His hands.  I pray for Light and Truth for myself.  I pray that I am in His will.  And, that my idiosyncracies will only lead me closer to Him.

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