Thursday, August 21, 2008

babysitting today...but then!!!

their cat got scratched by something, so I got to accompany LF to the Emergency Vet Clinic

that's right, folks, I didn't even know these places actually exist...and it was just like a human hospital...we got our very own room!

then, LF had to fill in some patient paperwork, just like at the ER where they ask you all sorts of interesting questions:

when's the last time your animal appeared normal?
when did the symptoms start to occur?
what kind of symptoms?
is your pet sexually active?

ok, that last one isn't on the paperwork, but really, don't you think it should be? :)


I am still laughing...

For $200 and 20 minutes of face time, LF took the kitty home along with anti-biotics and blood serum that she has to administer every two hours!!!

they also had a few pet insurance brochures, and thankfully LF's hubby understands pets the way I do, and said pet insurance is a apologies to those animal lovers out there...but really, come on! animals do not have souls. ..they do NOT need chemo for their leukemia...I am sorry. DUH!

If I am to lose blog readers after this...oh well...

ok, i do have to admit something -- i really do not like cats...i volunteered to go with LF because I'd never been to an Emergency Vet...but I don't like cats...and her kitty didn't have a it was just loose in the van...not good for me...i didn't have a panic attack but i did use my land's end tote for protection...i think it was more stressful to have me in the car than the sorry again LF; next time I will take my own car if the kitty is taken for a ride again...

movies I have watched this week that were good: Juno, Dan In Real Life, Transformers, Bella

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