Monday, August 11, 2008

today I was able to meet up with a NETTER for lunch. CDO is a seminarian for the Diocese of Savannah but he hails from Baldwin Park, CA. It was fantastic. Hadn't seen him in about 5 years. Email really keeps people in touch. Pray for Chris during his formation; God-willing he will be ordained a priest in 2011.

Designed the affirmation paper for the retreat today. And sent in the list for t-shirt sizes. Will call tomorrow to make sure they received it.

Called a priest friend who is Southside to see if he's available to hear confessions on Saturday b/c it seems that only one priest from the parish is available. ahhh! please pray for more confessors. We should have about 70 teens on retreat! I am praying for at least 4 priests.

Need some more sleep, but also need a NEW mattress. It is my only birthday wish. Alas mattresses are expensive, so we shall see.

I have a chest cold and have to watch how much I talk because after awhile I start hacking away!

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