Thursday, September 25, 2008

Calling all Catholics!!

Today marks exactly 40 days until the Presidential election. 40 days for us to FAST. That's something we understand: Catholics fasting for 40 days, our very own personal Lent in October, a private time with God alone to beg for His will to be done and the devil's plans to be thwarted. There isn't much else the average American can do at this point. There are enough bloggers, TV personalities, and radio hosts, all doing a fine job at verbalizing the fears and frustrations of this election. Most people feel helpless in doing their part, BUT, if you're Catholic, you know you have a purpose right in the privacy of your own home, car and office: to fast and pray, hold an October Lent between you and God. Fasting is a powerful weapon, used by the greatest and most humble saints to turn things around for the glory of God.

Let's band together in our common goal for a 40 days that we understand all too well, as a time for self-sacrifice and prayer. We are fighting for our freedom in this election, and the freedom of those who are more innocent than ourselves. We are fasting for a President who truly lives the Christian life, a life which we know takes more than going to church on Sunday. If you live the Christian life, you know that it requires making those tough decisions to honor all those around you with dignity, love and the expressed value of each human life, from conception to natural death. Without valuing each and every human life residing at the core of who you are, nothing else really matters, because it is from this virtue that all other decisions stem.

Let's pray for an Easter Tuesday!!! A Victory in the White House!!! A Resurrection of the American principles in which this country was founded!!! Those men and women would be sad to see our state of affairs. Let's pray this election honors their hard work, and often times death . Let's pray to keep this country a free nation founded on God. There are more Christians in this country than we realize. Many people say that God is disgusted with us and our behavior and we deserve punishment. How many nations have gone before us and deserved the same? Yet, by the prayers and fasting of the few, God showered his mercy upon all the people. Do all of the people deserve his mercy? No, and neither do we. We have all sinned and need God's salvation. We need His intervention right now. We need His hand to come in and save us. Fasting puts us in this place of dependency. In God We Trust.


I want to be clear, I did not write the aforementioned. A friend did...but its good...really good...and what a fantastic get crackin...

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