Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Courage and Nose Piercings

I finally got up the courage to read my journals from "inside the walls"...slogging through, I re-lived those moments...I am working backward...the most current journal only goes back to April 2008...once I'm done with this one, then I'll venture to the bulk of my year "inside the walls"...

other news: I told the teens at the parish that if they brought in at least 500 pounds of clothes, I would pierce my nose...I was already feeling a bit rebellious and wanted a nose piercing (just a stud)...so, what an easy way to get one...well, my teens, like Our God, exceeded my expectations and brought in 1300 pounds of clothes...

so, said piercing will be taking place on Wednesday by a professional...I'm getting excited! :)


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