Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am off tomorrow...glorious...I get to sleep in past 8 am...HURRAH!!!

God heals us in a-m-a-zing ways....I compare today to a similar one several years ago when I re-connected with AR (who used to be AH)...That day I was feeling I feel today...Jesus works mighty wonders upon us. He delivers healing just when you least expect it. Doesn't He?

at any rate, dear blog readers, the said nose piercing did not happen today...
but, it will happen on Friday @ approximately 2pm...the piercer was in another location today, so I got to take my seriously nervous and shaking all over self back out to the car...

so, please pray I don't get an infection...that would be good...

but, I am feeling rebellious...b/c I almost said out loud to the tattooed employee: "well, then, I'll just have to get a tattoo." but don't worry, it didn't come out and I won't be inking my body at any point in my life.

as for hip deep in retreat planning:
retreat shirts: check
affirmation sheets: check
journal: check
supplies: check
snacks: check
retreat center: check
priests: semi-check
small group nametags: semi-check
small groups:
ppt slideshow:
ppt songs: semi-check

MSC info meeting stuff: check

off to work out...toodles!

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