Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There it is, my pretty lil nose ring for all to see...its pretty discreet, wouldn't you say.... :)

Well, its almost time for the retreat, and we are full...I know, I can't believe it myself...that we are at capactiy...its amazing... tomorrow brings us to putting everything we're taking in the middle of the youth room and cutting items and making sure we've printed off everything...also printing name tags...awesome!

We're doing things a wee bit different than other retreats, but it shore is gonna be a blast getting to know the teens and Jesus some more.

I can wait to see the t-shirts on Thursday! whoo-hoo.

oh, yeah, I've got to empty my trunk of all the snacks before the tootsie pops melt into oblivion...

movies watched this week: Drillbit Taylor, Highschool Musical 2, The Astronaut Farmer, National Treasure 2, The Namesake...

book read this week: Kristen Heitzmann's "Sweet Boundless"

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Ginger said...

Looks cute Deepa! :)