Tuesday, January 6, 2009

as promised - photos

photos from my CT trip -

Friday b/c Alison had to work, I was able to travel to Summit (a 2.5 hour drive) for a visit. It was so great to see the sisters and visit the Shrine. And, of course, to catch up. I hope to go back this summer for another visit. Its always fun to visit!

Then on the way home Maggie (the GPS) took me another route as I-91 was bumper to bumper...I survived the George Washington bridge a 2nd time...and I travelled through CT on I-87...I love to take pictures out my car window...I just turn the camera on and click...I don't have to look through the viewfinder...I get to see later what wonderful treasures I've taken...I also love the fact that in New England they have gas stations on the freeway...it makes for a much easier drive...thanks Alison for letting me borrow your car.
On Friday night, Alison, Stacey, and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. We had such a good time! I love Girl's Night Out! And, I know Stacey was thrilled to have one too! So, on Saturday afternoon, Alison took me back over to Stacey's house for a tour (b/c they live in a re-made Colonial home)...Gorgeous! and the picture below is of her neighbor's front yard...with the chairs in the snow!
Sunday night we watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", had dinner at Margarita's, and then went bowling.
Thanks, Ali, for letting me come and visit you. I will miss Bubba and La-La! too.

oh, yes, and I can't forget about my travels back to rainy warm Georgia.
I ended up not getting to the Hartford airport until 2 pm b/c I had to go to the bathroom enroute!

But, when I made it to the gate at 2:13 pm for my 3 pm flight, they weren't even boarding...b/c a flight attendant from the previous flight crew had left her cell phone on board...so we had to wait for her!

We finally were up in the air about 4 pm. My connection in Charlotte was supposed to leave at 5:50 pm so I was a bit worried as how long I'd have.

Charlotte - 5:15 pm. My flight is delayed. I grab a slice of Sbarro's (its no New England pizza, but it'll have to do) and a Strawberry frapp and a cinnamon scone (yummy)...and board the plane at 6:05 pm...we do not get in the air b/c of complicationns until 7:10 pm or so - door falling off, grounded for 25 minutes, the line is too long...and then the turbulence...thank you rain!

we land at about 8 pm, only to wait at the baggage claim until 9 pm...

but, I finally made it home at 10 pm...but I do have to say from Charlotte to Atlanta, which should only take about 45 minutes or so, I had two seats all to myself...yet, there was a draft so I pretty much froze all the way home...

excited to get back in the YM game....i have tons to do...CORE retreat this Saturday, Girls' retreat next weekend...and my first full LN on Sunday...plus, writing up a curriculum for our new Confirmation program...as well as adding the final touches on the Peer Ministry program adapted for our parish...

oh, and registering for all the summer conferences without really knowing who will be attending...Jesus is in control and I count it ALL as JOY!!!!

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