Friday, January 9, 2009

What A Blessing

Ok, Indiana blog reader revealed herself.

On my stats, I can see that on average there are 30 IP's visiting daily. Thats alot if you consider Outside the City Walls has just been online for about 6 months. thats amazing.

So, would my reader(s) from the following states reveal themselves and how they found themselves returning here to this blog:

St Joseph, Michigan

Anacortes, Washington
St Louis, Missouri

Cortlandt Manor, New York

Baltimore, MD

Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

Dartford, Kent, UK

Greenville, South Carolina

As for me, I am doing well. I have had a spiritual director since October '08. It definitely was a bit weird at the beginning as he is similar in age to me. But, Fr Kevin is way cool! He's a good replacement to Fr. L

Life has been chugging me along. I am finally comfortable again in my own skin. I LOVE my ministry at STA. I am excited to see where Jesus will take us as we grow.

Life at home with the parents is still Gravy! It is NOTHING like before I left which is truly a BLESSING! My relationship with my mom has just grown exponentially and I am utterly grateful.

I am going on a personal retreat - a women's retreat at Casa Maria - in two weeks. I am soooooooooo excited. I've never been out there. And, I'll have the opportunity to see my friend, Sr. Tracy, who entered last August.

I have a prayer request. for me. I will say more in February. Please just pray for God's will to be done.

God is in control. And I am still bendable. I hope. Its all for His Glory that I live each day! I pray that I can live according to His will and also that I allow myself to be His vessel. He alone has the answers.

ps. does anyone recommend any retreats for teens? I have been leaning towards a discipleship retreat complete with a comissioning. Send Us Out. or a retreat based upon JP2 and his "Do Not Be Afraid" mantra.

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