Thursday, July 7, 2011

snail Mail

I was on our Mission Trip last week, but I didn't put a hold on my mail.  I just assumed it would pile up (I don't receive alot anyway) and I would pick it up on Saturday when I got back.

Well, there was a vacancy notice in my mailbox saying that my mailbox was vacant and no mail should be placed there.

So, if you sent me anything, it will probably come back to you.  Please send it back out.  I do live there.  I've had a chat with our postal worker and everything is set.

In other news, we interviewed someone for the assistant youth minister & assistant to the adult formation director position (a combo job) at our parish.  I was notified yesterday that we were doing this today.  Much prayer will be said this weekend if this person is a good fit for our parish.  Because if the person is hired they will slide into my position when I enter religious life.  Please join us in prayer to discern.

11 of my teens and 3 chaperones (including current assistant youth minister) depart for Nicaragua on Saturday, July 9th.  Please pray for their safety and hydration and for their mission.  I feel they are prepared, but am nervous b/c I've never not been on a trip with them.  And, we've never done a group mission trip with Amigos for Christ or in Nicaragua.  They'll return to GA the evening of July 16th.


Marie said...

I did send you a donation by post from over the pond in the UK
Hope you received it
Praying for you

Deepa said...

Thank you thank you Marie.

marie said...

Your welcome,
looking forward to seeing you as a blue bird once again on the summit dominican site.


Deepa said...

Marie, when did you mail it? And, how long does mail usually take from over the 'pond' to here, do you think?