Sunday, January 1, 2012


How much do I trust Him?

It's a simple thing, but also so complex.

For me, I just look in the past and see how He's provided again and again.  And again.
And, always over and above what I asked for.

I ask and He responds.

Jesus is my one and only Constant.

As I welcome this new year, 2012, I reflect on all that has happened to me in 2011.  All of the blessings, and yes, even the trials that have all led me closer to Him.  Closer and stronger in my relationship with my Beloved.

And, I sigh.  I ponder.  I reflect.  I keep all these things in my heart.
Mary's obedience to fulfilling God's will in her life is a characteristic I desire.

I pray that my will is united to God's.
That the people and things I pray for are united in God's will.

May God continue to bless us and keep us.

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margaret said...

Thank you so much on your sharing of trust. I found it very helpful. It is simple clear and to the point. You shared your own feelings and that makes it great.
Please do some more of this type.

Happy New Year!