Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have a prayer request: we are in need of some more CORE leaders...we are blessed to have 15 but our Life Teen continues to grow...and in order to have a deep prayer life and awesome relational ministry, we need an additional 5 male and 6 female CORE....CORE = adult volunteers who give of their time and LOVE for our teens at STA...one needs to be committed and not just on Sunday's. Life Teen is a relational ministry. We build relationships with each other and most importantly with Christ. A constant and consistent prayer and sacramental life is key. You can't give what you don't have! Preach it.

Thank you for your prayers in advance. As a CORE team, we are saying a 54 day novena:

Spirit of Truth, who came to us at Pentecost in order to form us in the school of the Divine Word, fulfill in us the mission for which the Son has sent you.

Fill every heart; give many people a yearning for the authentically good and beautiful in life, a desire for evangelical perfection, a passion for the salvation of souls.

Sustain the "laborers in the harvest" and grant that their efforts may bear much spiritual fruit.

Make our hearts completely open and pure, and help us to follow Christ more fully, so that we may receive your last and greatest gift: the joy which will never end.

-- JPII (thanks Summit sisters for teaching me this prayer)

I asked the CORE team to pray this prayer thru Oct 14, 2008 and if they could, to offer up a Rosary daily for the same intention.

On another note, I am attending NCCYM in Cleveland in December...so those of you out there who are also attending, let me know and we can hang out. I plan on arriving on Wed afternoon and leaving on Monday morning.

the elliptical machine is AWESOME...I am achieving the "burn" daily...and gaining muscle and abs...

also, I got a bible study from Dr Brant Pitre: "The Apostle Paul: Unlocking the Mysteries" and "Mary, Mother of the Messiah" . You can go over to Catholic Productions and procur yourself one or another one of his CD/DVD sets on various topics. This guy is my age! and He knows his scripture!

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