Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I had my physical - blood work and they checked my heart (EKG) today.  I'll find out test results in about 3 weeks.

After, I had lunch with my mom.  I love her, she's just so cute.
She asked me how much airfare was from ATL to EWR.  I told her I was driving; its cheaper.  She said she'd like to pay for my gas.  I had actually been freaking out a little bit about that.  Wondering how I could cut my budget a little bit more to pay for my visit in August.  Oh, how God provides.

I also leave for AZ for a youth minister's conference in 11 days, and am beyond thrilled.  This year, the office is allowing me to take one other person.  I hope that it grows, and in 3 years, they take the entire CORE team! 

I am so relieved to tell my teens this weekend;  I really don't think I can hold it in any longer.  Please pray for that conversation.  I have a retreat planning meeting with our peer ministers on Sunday, and that's when I plan on telling them.  After the meeting.  And,  I have a plan for what to say to just get it out there using facebook.

I surrendered all unto God about a year ago, asking Him to wreck my life, and make me completely His.  Which He did.  And, in tremendous ways.  Burning of the chaff.  And, I am grateful.  B/c had it not been, I don't think I would be where I am today.  He is LOVE.  I am completely dependent upon Him.

He Is my ALL in ALL, and ever shall be.  I love Him, and I won't refuse Him any longer.

Thank You for your prayers.  Please share my blog with others.  

And, this is what I've been baking lately - Apple Pie muffins.

I found shredding the apples works better than diced apples.


Finished product.


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